Announcement for reintegration of students

Announcement for the benefit of students on academic leave

The Vice-Rector in charge of Undergraduate and Graduate Higher Education, Continuing Education, Diplomas and Postgraduate Traing, informs students who have been on academic
leave and who wish to re-register for the academic year 2022/2023, that the deadlines for submission of applications are from 20 th June 2022 to 14 th July 2022.
No applications will be accepted after the deadline for any reason.
The application :
– Reinstatement application form (downloadable from the university website)  

– Copy of the certificate of registration of the last year
– Copy of the baccalaureate transcript
– Certificate of completion of internship, end of training, etc. (or other depending on the case)
– Declaration on honour that you are not registered at another university 
– Authorisation from the employer for salaried students or certificate of non-activity for non-
salaried students