Vice-Rectorate of Higher Education, Undergraduate and Graduate Education, Continuing Education, Diplomas and Postgraduate Training




Any regularly enrolled student may suspend without enrolment and request to benefit from an academic, in accordance with article 07 of Order N°711 of 03 November 2011, for the following exceptional reasons:

  • Chronic illness
  • Maternity
  • Long term illness

National service

Family obligations (relating to ascendants and/or descendants, travel of spouse or parents related to the function).

 The request for academic leave must be submitted together with a file to the Vice-Rectorate of Higher Education, First and Second Cycles, Continuing Education and Diplomas and Higher Education for Graduation.


    Academic leave can only be granted to students once during their academic career.

   Any application that does not comply with the conditions for the granting of academic leave will be rejected.

  Application and conditions for the granting of academic leave  

  Application form for academic leave 


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